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Grampa and Julie: Shark Hunters is a graphic novel collecting the first 3 or so years of the comic strip of the same name that ran in Nickelodeon Magazine.

It was published with the help of a Xeric Foundation grant.


"In this full-color graphic novel, Julie and her Grampa spend summer vacation looking for the largest shark in the world, Stephen. Meeting Stephen leads to even more exciting adventures, including a quest to find Stephen's mom. The Shark Hunters meet monkeys at the bottom of the ocean, pirates, and even aliens....

Czekaj demonstrates a wonderful sense of the absurd, and though the tension in the exploits escalates, the adventures are never truly scary. Julie and Grampa get by on their intelligence and their humor, and the results are hilarious. Parents reading this aloud will have as much fun as their children." -Booklist

"This is such a great example of a story that parents and kids can read together, because it will work for both the child and the adult." -Crowding the Book Truck

"Taken from the pages of Nickelodeon magazine, this charming children's comic overflows with humor, adventure and whimsy." -Publishers Weekly

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