Written by J. Elizabeth Mills and illustrated by Jef.

A mix-and-match monster board book!

Flip the pages to create up to 125 different monsters!

Building off of the well-known song Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, this book explores all sorts of different monsters from top to bottom (and horns and claws and fangs and wings). With die-cut pages throughout, readers can flip and mix monsters to create their ideal creature!


(starred review) "Who said an exquisite corpse has to be human? Readers can create mix and match monsters thanks to board book pages divided horizontally into thirds. Czekaj’s goofy cartoon creatures appear at right (one aquatic monster has a single eye, pink lips, dragon wings, and tentacles with paws), opposite Mills’s staccato descriptions (“Scales/ Flippers/ Fur/ Three Feet”). From vampire space robots with sneakers for antennae to a froglike woodland beastie with a striped shirt and slime trail, this is low-tech, high-appeal fun." -Publishers Weekly

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